Why StrictGate ?

What are the benefits of a chastity device with a stiff ring and a soft tube ?



You can put a bit of soap in the tube and knead the cage to clean your penis. We recommend to dry your device thoroughly after the shower.

Easy to clean

In order to wear a chastity cage on long term, it is important to keep an excellent daily hygiene.



With StrictGate going to work and doing sports or doing groceries while feeling comfortable and secure during the whole day was never so easy.

Tough and efficient

The tube is soft and can’t break under stress or an activity. It ensures also that the penis can’t break free without the key.



If you want to be serious about chastity, comfort is essential. Otherwise you won’t keep a cage on for more than 2 to 3 days.

Long term use

A chastity cage that’s light and tough yet still discreet, these are some standards for a long term use.


How to select the ring diameter?

Most of our clients use a 45mm ring diameter. However, other diameters are available. The following guide is a 4-step procedure to help you determine the right diameter for you.

1. Take a string, about 30cm (12 inches) long, and place it around your scrotum and penis. Remember not to use elastic string, as this would alter the measurements.


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What our users think of StrictGate :

Male chastity device

Fidelity, devotion, growth of lust and enhancement of complicity in the twosome.

Discover why and how our chastity device will be your perfect daily companion in any occasions. The perfect device which will follow you everywhere, all day and all night long, in an unparalleled comfort.

Male chastity is becoming more and more popular. Some couples choose chastity to give a second life to their match, and, in some case, even save their relationship. Prepare an man to chastity is a carefully considered and planned process in order that it works within the couple.


Commitment and submission

The male will feel a form of dynamic and inequitable power that will easily bring him to replace a disdainful and disrespectful attitude by a worship and gratitude behavior.


Education and authority

Be bossy ! If the man implicitly gives you full command in the couple, don’t be shy, show your authority and affirm yourself ! Never forget that he likes you bossy. The more monitored he’ll feel, the more love he’ll show.


Obedience and devotion

Dictate your rythme ! No rush, you lead the game. Ask him to be extemely gallant and zealous in consideration to you by putting your pleasure and comfort prior to his. Enjoy new pleasures that offer up to you and don’t think too much.




Male chastity on long term

If the device works well, your relationship will become highly erotic. From his and your point of view. He will permanently be excited, frustrated and ready to satisfy you by any means. His libido will remain at high. He will feel a sort of dynamic and inequitable power which will bring him to replace his disdainful and disrespectful attitude by a worship and thankfulness behavior.

StrictGate procures a constant thrill of need and desire while being totally submerged by the will of the keyholder. It dictates the user in an absolute submission and satisfies the most elaborate games and scenarios. Our product can be worn during a sex game, for a limited time or a long term agreement. The keyholder can decide when, where, how and how often the release is possible.


Strictgate with Wedding ring Stricto   Strictgate with Wedding ring Pico


Being confined in StrictGate doesn’t mean banning pleasure rather a freedom abstinence and a 100% focus on giving and sharing climax power. The user will quickly understand that if he wishes a physical and mental relief he will also have to accept all the frustration.

After some time, he will entirely be willing to submit to you. The man gradually gives in and accepts. The keyholder won’t be able to do without it and will find find absolutely normal having her/his partner under control.

Be uncompromising and the machinery will slowly set up. The steps are numerous and delightful. You are now in charge and you choose according to your desires. The man remains in expectation and the authority of enterprise is all yours.

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A chastity cage doesn’t mean pleasure is banned, but rather abstaining from releasing.

What our customers say ?

Never forget that he likes you bossy. The more controlled he feels, the more love he will return.

Now that I wear Strict I take pleasure satisfying my wife for all her requirements. On her side, she starts to take care of me like never before.

Brian (USA) Customer

Ever since I got my chastity device, I’m happier and my wife gained confidence.

Drew (Canada) Customer

Since we bought your product, he feels totally in love again. It intensified and spiced up our couple.

Fabienne (France) Customer

StrictGate within the couple

StrictGate overlays perfectly the penis shape. With sobriety and elegance. The cage is compact and discreet.

Put on a chastity cage to go to work or do sports. Our stiff and comfy ring coupled to a silicone tube will allow you a life in chastity. Our cage will follow you everywhere, all day and for all occasions.

The first step is to find a chastity device comfortable enough to allow the man to spend several days caged without removing it and, of course, without climax. Our product reflects an absolute submission in love. It adapts to all life requirements as well as daily activities and fits easily in your daily life. The user will be able to do manual work or sports without having to worry about his cage.

StrictGate is a suitable chastity cage and a total requirement as solid base for permanent chastity. Wit hits rounded shapes, it invites you for a long term in the male chastity universe. The fact that there is no sharp edges, guarantees its toughness and a nice looking. You will travel in a dimension of pleasure and comfort thanks to this entirely ergonomic cage.

With StrictGate you can be locked in a fully secured manner. Our product is made with high quality materials. Our chastity cage design also brings a reliable way of cleaning your tube without having to remove it. So you don’t have to remove your cage everyday to clean it.

Safety :
This cage, which stands up to every test, physicaly blocks sexual intercourse and masturbation. By using StrictGate to train a man, his absolute chastity will be guaranteed. The tube inserts itself in the ring, recovering entirely the penis, for greater security. Which makes sexual stimulation impossible.