Male chastity device

Welcome to StrictGate

If you are looking for a compact and comfortable chastity device, StrictGate will fulfill the task. It can be worn all day,all night and in any circumstance. Even during sports or work.

StrictGate, male chastity device

2020 innovation

Discover our pledge rings
that make our product unique

4 pledge rings are available to explore chastity under different aspects. Come and discover on our website why our product isn’t like any other !

4 wedding rings of chastity

Experience chastity

Abstinence in elegancy and simplicity

Experience chastity in comfort and security. Enjoy obedience and your man’s promptness.

Product information
Male chastity device

2020 novelty

With more than 10 years experience in male chastity cages and belts manufacturing , our workshop is happy to present you its latest creation.

Handmade product

Our cages are handcrafted with natural and innovative materials such as medical grade silicone and bio resins. Naturally our products are hypoallergenic in order to be worn on long term.
Handmade product

Multiple cages in 1

By putting another pledge ringe in your tube you totally change the product vibe. Despite all the technical innovations, StrictGate is still sold the same price than our competitors. Thanks to its 4 different pledge rings, discover how to change the atmosphere in your couple.
4 different wedding rings

A tailored customer service

What makes us different from the others ? A customer service with an actual expertise. We are not seller rather manufacturer and this makes all the difference. You can ask any question without having to worry about beeing ridiculous or shocking.
Customized After Sales Service

Pledge rings : 4 different rings to insert in the tube

Wedding ring standard


Wedding ring Lumino


Wedding ring Pico


Wedding ring Stricto



Technical data :

2 materials :The tube is made of medical grade silicone
The ring and pledge ring are made of bio resin
2 colors :Clear & Black
4 shapes of pledge rings :Standard / Pico / Lumino / Stricto
3 sizes of rings :Diameter 40, 45 & 50 mm - 1.55, 1.75 & 1.95 inch
Tube length :Lower part 46 mm - 1.8 inch, total length 80 mm - 3.15 inch
Number of air vents :3
Overall weight with lock :64g - 2.25 oz
Light chastity device

Light and comfy

StrictGate is comfy because of its light weight and its discretion.

3 sizes of rigid rings

3 sizes of rings

Available in 3 sizes, the ring fits easily.

Silicone Tube

Silicone tube

Adjusts perferctly. Available with 4 different pledge rings.

Why StrictGate ?

What are the benefits of our chastity cage ?

Ring of rigid chastity

Stiff and inconspicuous

Available in 3 sizes, the ring fits easily. If needed, it is handy and pleasant on long term wear.

4 interchangeable rings

pledge rings

Available in 4 different shapes to vary pleasures.
Standard, Pico, Lumino & Stricto.

Flexible tube

Soft and comfy

The penis is guarded by a soft and yet tough silicone tube. It is very discreet under pants.